What you might have forgotten…or maybe didn’t know…

Here’s a 3 minute refresher on what Christians everywhere have always believed.

If you want a quick (3 minute) overview of the basics of the Christian worldview, click the link below to watch the youtube video of James Choung, and author and Christian leader who works with college students in California. (For greater detail, check out his book – one of our “recommended resources” : True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In (Intervarsity Press, 2008).

Click here and see a 3 minute summary by James Choung (not connected with First Church in Crystal Lake, but we think it’s a pretty good summary of what Christians have always believed everywhere).

Three More Minutes to follow up if you liked the first three minutes. Would you like to discuss where you are in one of the four circles in the video? Click here to send an email and we'll respons ASAP.