Children’s Ministry at First Church is where parents and ministry partners are equipped to bless children by engaging their hearts through fun, God-centered encounters, so they become devoted followers of Jesus and share the good news!

Our Message Simplified: Jesus Is Lord And He Loves You.

Our mission is to develop a lifelong followers of Jesus. We have the opportunity to engage with the kids and youth in our community every week through our children’s ministries, BLAST and Kids First.
Our approach is to teach stories within the context of the overarching biblical narrative, so that kids and youth can learn individual stories, where those stories fit in the larger context of the Bible, and where they as people fit into God’s story. Our teaching will cover the Old Testament, life of Jesus, and the early church.

Each week of our teaching is framed around four key elements:

  • God Story: a portion of the biblical narrative, looking at key Biblical characters
  • Life Story: a real life example of kingdom living that brings the God Story to life
  • My Story: application activities
  • Our Story: resources for families to apply at home