Unconventional Wisdom

Session Date: 
Sunday, June 10, 2018
Scott Field
Bible Text: 
Mark 3:20-35

Has your faith ever moved you to get out of line?

Has the Holy Spirit ever propelled you beyond the role you are supposed to play in your life? Beyond being satisfied with a comfortable, predictable, balanced life? Beyond the carefully calculated, risk-averse, “everything in moderation” sort of living…where you avoid the highs and the lows and settle for the boring, muddled, middle? Beyond what other “people your age” are supposed to be doing?

What happens when the Holy Spirit gets out of hand in a person’s life?

If you are willing to live beyond the conventional and ordinary, if you are available, the Holy Spirit still gives dreams and vision, power and resources, along with sisters and brothers to help reform the nation and heal the world.  

It’s your move.   

2018.06.10 - Unconventional Wisdom